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Things I Do, Things I Think About And So On.....

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Well, I put off writing one of these, but since I upgraded to a paid account I thought I'd go ahead and add a bio.

Where to begin....let's see.....been married since 2 Feb 1990 to my high school sweetheart, Paul. He left for Air Force basic training 2 weeks after we were married. For the majority of our married life I've worked at 'odd jobs' at the different bases we've lived (Eaker AFB, AR; Tinker AFB, OK; RAF Lakenheath, England; Pope AFB, NC, Andersen AFB, Guam and now McChord AFB, Washington). I've worked at a Recreation Aid at a Youth Center, Library Aid, Pizza and Sandwich maker, short order cook and miscellaneous jobs on several film sets (my dream job). I graduated from film school in August 2002 and would eventually like to own my own production company. I also love working in a library.

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